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Who Are Bluewell Insurance Brokers?

Bluewell Insurance Brokers is an insurance service to assist you in getting instant quotations for a vast number of occupations online.

Not all insurance is able to be quoted online, & in these cases we use one of our highly skilled insurance brokers to determine your requirements and go to the market to get you a price.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Go in and enter your occupation, you can use one of our pre-selected occupations or enter in your own. The system will determine if it can quote immediately or if it we need more information to get your quoting done.

If I Can’t Get An Instant Quote, How Long Will It Take To Get A Quote?

If we have all of the correct information from you we can usually have a quote turned around in 24 hours. If we need more information we will contact you to get it.

My Employer Says I Need To Use An Australian Approved Insurer, Can You Help?

Yes we only use Australian approved insurers or approved underwriters who use Lloyds of London.

I Need A Certificate Of Currency With The Policy Numbers To Show To My Employer / Clients, Can I Get One?

Yes, once confirmed payment has been received we can issue you with the certificate of currency, usually in 2 hours.

I Am Bankrupt, Can I Get Insurance?

We can help in most cases when you are a discharged bankrupt.

I Have A Criminal Conviction, Can I Get Insurance?

We can help usually after 3 years of your conviction. Learn more here

I Have Had A Claim, Can I Get Insurance?

In most cases we can get you insurance if you have had a claim.